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I have 29 years of experience in technical fields,19 as an IT professional, 7 years with Drupal and about 4 as a full time Drupal developer.  My positions have given me experience in multiple information technology disciplines. 

My duties at Cool Fire, Inc include design, development, testing, implementation, documentation and support of Drupal websites. Completing my responsibilities requires solutions consistent with industry guidelines, regulations, laws, policies, and customer business practices.

Since 2007 I have been working with Drupal as a platform for designing websites.  My concentration is on module development. I chose to work with Drupal because it is open source with a strong community and uses widely supported core technologies (PHP and MySQL).  It has proven to be a very versatile system.

Prior to this I consulted with business owners and advise, plan and implement a multitude of other technology solutions.  In this capacity I consulted on, server solutions, network technologies, telephony systems and even office design for the best use of technology.  I have provided solutions based on both Microsoft as well as the Ubuntu Linux operation system.

Some specific technologies these duties included are:

Development and Web

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)-Drupal
  • PHP, jQuery, HTML, XML, CSS, SCSS
  • MySQL and MongoDB
  • Microsoft Office Automation and Access development with Visual Basic Programming

Drupal Specific - Custom module development

  • Supporting business practices/workflow
  • Custom administration forms
  • RESTful Services, for mobile apps and external systems
  • Entities
  • Node/entity pages and forms (with AHAH & AJAX)
  • eCommerce
  • Features
  • Custom import handling (with Drupal queues and batching
  • User security, profiles and tracking
  • HTML email handling


  • Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) – LAMP, LDAP, Samba and Open Source solutions    
  • Microsoft Server 2000, 2003, 2008 - Active Directory deployment, Group Policy management, Exchange, SQL Administration
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • Virus and Spy-ware protection and remediation
  • Disaster planning and recovery (advanced backup strategies)
  • Application installation and integration
  • Custom server and workstation building


  • Connectivity - LAN, WAN, cable, DSL, T1, VPN, wireless
  • Cabling – Ethernet and phone     
  • Hardware – firewalls, routers, managed switches, VPN appliance, NAS


Prior to Cool Fire, I worked for MBNA.  MBNA (now owned by Bank of America) was one of the largest credit card issues in the country.  At the time I worked for MBNA they had a computer network consisting of around 30,000 workstations throughout the world.  My duties at MBNA included computer network administration, database development and SQL database administration for the transportation and technical security departments. Technical Security consisted of a worldwide network of systems and servers to manage identification card security access and digital video surveillance.  For the transportation departments, Fleet and Aviation, my duties were design, implementation, audit reporting, project management, risk management, and general support related to computer and network systems.  In addition, I developed custom database and software solutions with Microsoft Office products.


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