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Joseph Krukosky

Skills | Education | Employment History


Skill and Proficiencies

Development and Web

Skill Set

Drupal Development

  • Custom module development
    • Custom administration forms
    • RESTful APIs for connection to external systems and mobile applications
    • Custom entities
    • Node and entity displays
    • Business logic workflows
    • Commerce integration
  • Git version control
  • Worked on multi-developer teams
  • Code review, troubleshooting and refactoring

Development and Web

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)-Drupal
  • PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Hobbies and Interests

Vintage motocross bike restoration, RV camping and sailing.

1954 Packard Clipper Deluxe

1978 Yamaha YZ400E

I remember when I had my 78 YZ100.  When I looked in the service manual I would think what it would be like to have the bigger bikes; more travel, aluminum swing arm and of course more power!  Now I have this 400 and it's everything I dreamed it would be.

While it was in great shape for a 36 year old bike, it definitely needs some attention.


1973 Suzuki TM125

2006 Yamaha YZ250F


1979 Suzuki RM400N

Looks rough, but is actually in pretty good shape.

1973 Suzuki TM250K

I picked up this very sad TM250K to be my first vintage MX bike project.  Considering the condition, many would say it isn't worth it, but I like a challenge and hate to see any classics go down.  Besides, if I can get this thing back in race condition, I should be able to handle anything, right?

Sailing - Unplanned Overnight

So Liz and I decided to go to the boat after work one evening for a little while.  Sun's going down, it's a beautiful Thursday evening.  Well just sitting at the dock didn't quite cut it, so we decided we'd take a "short" adventure.  There was a light breeze and we figured it wouldn't take us long to sail up and around Garrett Island.  Since the winds weren't the best for sailing under the railroad bridge especially with tug traffic ahead, we fired up the motor, went under, then resumed sailing.  Well wouldn't you know the wind starts to die out, but we don't care that much, it's still not



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