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1978 Yamaha YZ400E

I remember when I had my 78 YZ100.  When I looked in the service manual I would think what it would be like to have the bigger bikes; more travel, aluminum swing arm and of course more power!  Now I have this 400 and it's everything I dreamed it would be.

While it was in great shape for a 36 year old bike, it definitely needs some attention.


The before picts. 

So far I found it needs:

  • Fork wipers and maybe boots
  • Front exhaust mount (broken from frame, needs to be welded
  • Silencer
  • Better mount for the custom rear shock canister
  • Upper swing arm bushings
  • Clutch and throttle cable
  • Chain rollers
  • Handle bars
  • New Grips
  • New paint
  • Some new nuts and bolts

Not to bad of a list.  The list for my 73 TM250 was like 4 pages.

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